Delivering Value

We aim to deliver speed and accessibility, as well as creative commercial and legal advice of the highest international standards provided.


Our clients come from a broad range of sectors and industries such as manufacturing, food & beverage, hospitality and leisure, education, pharma, health, beauty & fitness, IT, apparel and fashion, retail, and public relations. 

Our clients are typically businesses within South-East Asia which are experiencing significant growth; and leading international and local corporations who need advice on a broad array of multi-jurisdictional transactions. 

Our clients require advice on domestic and international corporate transactions such as: structured finance, strategic alliances, public and private acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and corporate restructurings.


What We Do
For Our Clients

Our lawyers’ intimate understanding of Vietnam’s rapidly changing regulatory framework coupled with extensive knowledge of the local business climate enables us to act as strategic partners to our clients. They are experienced in cross-border transactions covering a wide range of sectors and industries: manufacturing, food & beverage, hospitality and leisure, education, distribution, pharma, health, beauty & fitness, IT, apparel and fashion, retail, and public relations. 

We are able to provide innovative, responsive legal solutions through an integrated team approach ensuring a consistently high level of service and the full benefit of our resources. Our lawyers are the key to providing the full range of service capabilities our clients need and act as a strategic partner to our clients. Our lawyers have many years of legal experience in Vietnam, as well as in other regions. They ensure that our clients benefit from their general legal knowledge as well as expertise derived from extensive commercial experience in Asia. 

Our team consists of lawyers who are qualified in Vietnam and abroad in both civil and common law jurisdictions and is built, trained and developed organically. Languages spoken at ACSV Legal are English, Vietnamese, Japanese, German, English, Malay, French, Italian and Dutch.

  • Christian Leitzinger

    Chief Operations Officer

    Pham Nguyen Confectionary

    Our company has been able to grow and expand successfully due to the advice, practical guidance and support of ACSV’s team. ACSV’s lawyers are knowledgeable and responsive. They consistently achieve satisfying results using a combination of legal experience and creativity. ACSV’s lawyers provide an excellent service and I would recommend them without hesitation.

  • Raghu Rai

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Jio Health

    The ACSV team consistently delivers excellent legal initiatives which easily connect with all business levels. Thanks to their advice we have been able to structure and expand our business in a way that would not have been possible without their guidance and advice. The quality of legal advice, high-value service we received and attention to our needs confirmed our decision in engaging ACSV to be the absolute right one. It far exceeds our experience at any other law firm we have used.

  • Dane Fort



    ACSV has made a major contribution to the growth and success of California Fitness & Gym and CMG Asia, and their lawyers have advised us for more than 8 years on all aspects of our businesses. They have assisted us in obtaining more than 30 IRCs and ICs and played a crucial role in our USD 15 million capital raise from Mizuho. ACSV’s lawyers have a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach and they are quick to respond when we need them. They are highly effective in seeking solutions and creatively solving our problems. ACSV’s lawyers are notable not only for their legal skills, but also for the level of personal integrity and dedication. The quality of representation ACSV offers is truly remarkable.

  • Neil Williamson

    Managing Director

    Emerging Law Limited

    My firm’s UK-based client needed help with a corporate transaction in Vietnam. We approached a number of firms and selected ACSV Legal to help with the work. Throughout the transaction ACSV's lawyers were a pleasure to deal with - great communicators, highly responsive and efficient, very fair on costs and they came up with pragmatic solutions to address any challenges that we faced. They provided exactly the kind of service I look for in overseas Counsel. I would highly recommend them.

  • Romain Joly

    Managing Director

    1001fontaines Vietnam

    I launched my startup from scratch in 2018 in Vietnam and was looking for strong partners to support me in my endeavors. After having reached out to several law firms for drafting a legal study needed for our project on safe drinking water (with limited budget), we engaged ACSV Legal. During the initial contact we felt they understood the objectives of our project best, the communication was really easy from day 1 and the ACSV team would think along with us and give us the advice needed for our project. The choice has proven to be right. The lawyers have given more than 100%, did more than just drafting and really understood our operational issues. Their advice and support in engaging with the authorities has been most effective to reach the current stage of the project.

    We highly appreciate the professionalism and responsiveness of ACSV’s lawyers. We intend to continue working with the ACSV team to make the project successful. I found in ACSV close advisors rather than a legal services provider. I can recommend ACSV Legal to other companies and organisations (either profit or non-profit).

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arror lawyer vietnam